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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration


THE MARATHONIAN BALM was conceived and developed by Tatiana Feit, a former high-level tennis player who was unable to find a product on the market that could relieve all the pains in her feet.

Tatiana Feit



THE MARATHONIAN BALM and Tatiana Feit are one and the same.
She is both the inspiration and creator of the balm.

  • She has played tennis competitively ever since she was just 6 years old.
  • She received a full scholarship to play tennis in Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States.
  • Over the course of her tennis career, she played in many national and international tournaments.

Unfortunately, ever since her early childhood, Tatiana Feit’s feet always hurt while playing tennis, and afterwards too. Especially during exercise, the daily pain was so intense that she had to walk away from tennis matches.

Between the rubbing, heat, bleeding, and blisters, she was always in pain. It really was quite a handicap.

To cure these problems, she searched the world over for aneffective product that would relieve the intense pains in her feet while being gentle on her skin. Her search was in vain.

Unable to find what she needed, she set out on a mission to create this product that is known for its effectiveness both during and after exercise.

Our goal


To provide comfort and relief for the feet of all athletes

Haven’t all athletes experienced foot pain?

Like many athletes, the feet of Tatiana Feit, a former high-level tennis player, hurt so much that playing the sport she loved became a real nightmare.

For herself, and also for all athletes, amateurs and professionals, she spent a long time searching a solution to her foot pain.

The feet are a painful part of the body – If there’s one type of pain that all athletes have experienced, it’s when their feet get hot, rub, bleed and hurt a lot.

However, there are fewor no effective solutions available to prevent this pain, and to protect and relieve feet during and after exercise. This observation is shared by athletes, as well as coaches and various sports physicians.

The desire
to create an exceptional product

Unable to find a product that would put an end to her painful feet, Tatiana Feit set out on a mission to create one herself. With the mindset and perseverance of a high-level athlete, she set a goal and stuckto it:

To create an effective and natural solution to reduce foot pain for athletes during exercise, and to help them recover afterwards.

To achieve this goal, Tatiana Feit joined forces with several experts, and worked closely with the laboratory Cosmetic & Technology Services, which specialises in cosmetology and cosmetotextiles.

The result of these successful encounters was the development of a product that promises a dual solution: effective and 100% natural.

And so THE MARATHONIAN BALM was born – the first protective and innovative dual-action balm for the feet of athletes:

  • Works both during and after exercise
  • Targets all types of pain and discomfort in this sensitive part of the body

Made in




Immediate and
long-lasting effect


Our commitments


Respect, ethics, and quality guarantee

Respect for the consumer

As THE MARATHONIAN BALM is 100% natural, it takes care of your feet and also fulfils the wish of those who want the best for themselves.

The effectiveness of THE MARATHONIAN BALM has been clinically proven. You can be certain that this balm will meet your valid expectations in terms of results and natural quality.

Respect for the environment

The tin that contains the balm is made of aluminium. This is a strategic choice, because aluminium is a material that can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

The product is free of water and preservatives to contribute towards protecting our natural resources and our skin flora.

Ethical by nature

The ingredients of THE MARATHONIAN BALM are 100% natural and have been carefully selected. This means that the product is completely traceable.

100% Made in France, THE MARATHONIAN BALM was conceived, developed and perfected on French soil.

Guaranteed quality and effectiveness

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is the first protective and innovative balm for athletes that acts on the feet during and after exercise, and that targets the pains and discomfort in  this sensitive part of the body. The quality of the action and the effectiveness are guaranteed and unique.

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is also the only product to contain NO WATER, providing a protective film for the entire foot, with an immediate and long-lasting effect.

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