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THE MARATHONIAN BALM provides unrivalled foot relief for athletes, with its unique formula and effects. Try the experience now.



An innovative, world-unique formula!

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is the result of the latest scientific research devoted to the comfort of feet. Several specialists were involvedin this research.

Four years of research and development were required to perfect this exceptional product. It was developed based on medical advice, studies conducted by a centre of excellence and the expertise of a laboratory specialised in cosmetology and cosmetotextiles.

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is the first-ever product of its kind. It is the only one on the market to offer an immediate and long-lasting effect during and after exercise, and that does not require prior preparation.

Constant release of the active substance

Immediate and long-lasting effectiveness

A feeling of comfort in shoes

Pleasant fragrance and texture

Does not stain

Does not affect the pressure points

Designed to be in contact with all kinds of sock

Designed for professional use

Guaranteed to contain NO substances considered as performance-enhancing drugs

100% natural ingredients

NO Water

NO medical ingredients

NO phenoxyethanol

NO mineral oils

NO preservatives

NO silicone

NO animal derivatives

NO petrochemical derivatives



Long-lasting effectiveness for optimal protection

Specifically designed for amateur and professional athletes, THE
MARATHONIAN BALM provides unrivalled foot relief that is both immediate
and long-lasting, during and after exercise.

The product has also been proven to be highly effective for all people who work standing up, or spend a long time on their feet (hairdressers, waiters, shop assistants and so on).

A multi-sport product

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is suitable for all kinds of sports (tennis, track and field, soccer, basketball, running, dance, and so on).

Several athletes, coaches and chiropodists have also given the product their backing

Proven and noticeable benefits

The benefits of THE MARATHONIAN BALM are felt throughout the entire foot, during and after exercise.

  • Forms a protective film like a second skin
  • Reduces rubbing and irritation
  • Reduces perspiration and swelling
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces nervous and articular tension
  • Relaxes the feet
  • Nourishes and strengthens the skin

An innovative texture with a long-lasting effect

THE MARATHONIAN BALM has a long-lasting effect. And this is exactly what athletes need. Once applied, it isn’t slippery and doesn’t affect the pressure points.

Easy to apply

THE MARATHONIAN BALM is easy to apply to the entire foot. You choose how much to use!

Made in




Immediate and
long-lasting effect


Easy to use


1. Apply a dollop of cream directly to the skin, rubbing it in until it fully penetrates the feet (top and bottom). It should make yourfeet shine.

2.Put on your socks immediately and off you go!

When using the cream after exercise, we recommend caution in choosing how much cream you apply to your feet, as walking barefoot may cause you to slip.

Unlimited use, no residue and can be washed off with soapy water

Keep out of the reach of children, do not swallow, avoid eye contact and do not apply to open wounds.

The Marathonian Balm Clinically-proven results


With an immediate effect 86% of the time, THE MARATHONIAN BALM provides comfort and relief, during and after exercise!

During exercise

Creates a protective film 91%
Feet do not heat up as much 86%
Less irritation 86%
Feeling of comfort in shoes 82%

After exercise

Soothes 91%
Relaxes 86%
Deep relief 82%
Skin is softer and more hydrated 91%

In general

Creates a protective film 91%
Protects against rubbing 82%
Protects against irritation 82%
Cooler feet 86%
Skin is softer and more hydrated 91%
Skin is more supple 91%
Deeply nourishes the skin 91%

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